Free Trade Agreements

In today’s rapidly globalising economy, there’s no denying the importance of free trade agreements (FTAs) when it comes to importing goods into Australia. As an industry leader in freight forwarding, Oxen Logistics is perfectly poised to guide you through the benefits and efficiencies brought about by these agreements.

Australia has been a proactive participant in crafting these agreements. Currently, Australia has established FTAs with numerous countries including China (ChAFTA), Japan (JAEPA), and Korea (KAFTA) among others. Australia has free trade agreements with over 20 countries.

The immediate benefit of FTAs for importers is the significant reduction in import duties. Over time, these savings can translate into considerable cost reductions, allowing businesses to offer competitive prices to their customers.

What are Free Trade Agreements?


At their core, FTAs are bilateral or multilateral treaties between two or more countries that aim to promote and facilitate trade. They achieve this by eliminating or reducing import tariffs, quotas, and other trade barriers.

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Understanding the intricacies of FTAs can be daunting. This is where Oxen Logistics comes into play. With our deep knowledge of the Australian freight forwarding landscape and the dynamics of FTAs, we guide our clients through every step of the importing process.

Documentation is crucial. One of the essential documents that often comes into play is the ‘Certificate of Origin’ (COO). Let’s dive deeper into what the COO is, its importance, and the requirements surrounding it when importing goods into Australia.

What is a Certificate of Origin?


A Certificate of Origin is an official document that certifies the country in which specific goods were manufactured or produced. This document is crucial because it helps determine the goods’ actual origin, which in turn can affect the duties, tariffs, and import regulations applied to the product.


Duty and Tariff Determination:


Australia has Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with several countries. Goods originating from these countries may qualify for preferential duty rates. The COO helps customs officials determine whether or not a product is eligible for these rates.

Requirements Surrounding Certificates of Origin in Australia:


  1. Authentication: The COO must be authenticated by a recognized Chamber of Commerce in the country of origin. It ensures the document’s credibility and accuracy.
  1. Detailed Information: The COO must provide detailed information about the product, including its description, harmonized system code, and the process/method of its production.
  1. FTA-specific COO: If claiming preferential duty rates under an FTA, businesses might need a specific type of COO aligned with that particular FTA.
  1. Electronic Certificates: With the advancement of technology, Australia now accepts electronic Certificates of Origin (eCOO) from specific countries, simplifying the import process.
  1. Retention of Records: Importers should retain a copy of the COO for five years from the date of importation, as Australian customs officials might request it for post-entry audits.
Important Note: Mention to the shipper/supplier that the correct tariff/HS code must be listed. Check with a customs broker before this is endorsed. Make sure all the numercial links  are matching to the shipment. e.g commercial invoice number listed on the document. 

Click on the below link from the Australian Border Force for more info.

Free trade agreements (

For businesses involved in importing goods into Australia, understanding and complying with the requirements surrounding the Certificate of Origin is not just essential for smooth customs clearance but also for leveraging the benefits that come with accurate documentation. Partnering with a reliable freight forwarding service can ease this process, ensuring timely, compliant, and efficient importation of goods.


If you’re looking for a trusted freight forwarding partner in Australia, Oxen Logistics offers a comprehensive suite of services, ensuring your imports are always smooth, compliant, and hassle-free. Connect with us today to learn more!

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