Will I incur any additional costs?

Importers and exporters are in a volatile market. Unfortunately there are unforeseen costs that can occur that is out of any freight forwarders control. Below are the issues that can add costs.

What do I need to know about shipping delays and estimated time of arrivals?

Bad weather, staff shortages, pandemics, increase & decrease in volumes can create delays. At times shipping lines & airlines will not notify us. It is always recommended to add a buffer into your timelines. Prepare the worst for the best result. All transit times subject to airline & shipping line schedules and delays.

Are there any Government fees?

Government fees will be charged at cost. Generally applied by the Australian Border Force or The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry.

Are there duty fees?

Imported goods can attract duty based on the FOB price of goods. The deemed tariff code will determine if duty is applicable. This is generally assessed by a licenced customs broker in Australia. Australia has a free trade agreement with some countries. If a country has a free trade agreement with Australia, you may be eligible to import goods duty free with the presentation of a certificate of origin.

Is GST applied on shipping?

10% GST will apply to all imported goods unless there is a special government exemption. GST is based on the FOB price, freight charges payable and duty if applicable.

Is there extra fees to deliver to a residential premise?

Additional costs will incur if goods are delivered to a residential premises. As the premises will not have any lifting equipment, a hand unload will be required. If the goods are heavy, a vehicle with a crane or tail lift will be required.

I don't have loading/unloading equipment, what happens?

If you do not have suitable access or lifting equipment to accept delivery of your cargo, our drivers/contractors may refuse to deliver, and additional costs will apply.

Are there additional fees for Rural (non-metro) deliveries?

Goods delivered to regional/rural areas will require a mandatory tailgate inspection where additional costs will apply. In addition to this, containers will be subject to container detention costs applied by the shipping lines if they are not returned within a timely manner. As the services to rural destinations take time, there is a greater chance that the container cannot be returned in time.

Additional waiting time for Air Freight and LCL Sea Freight deliveries

Oxen Logistics Pty Ltd will allow, 1 hour at the pick-up premises and 15 min to unload at the client’s premises for air freight and LCL's for air freight and LCL cargo, if we exceed the allocated time, we will apply $149+GST per hour. This excludes tail lift deliveries. DRAFT Additional costs may/will apply for goods delivered or collected if a premise does not have a forklift. This also applies to pickups and deliveries to a residential premise. Rate is AUD $249.90 Per Hour + 28% Fuel Surcharge + $20 Road Tolls + GST. Minimum charge is 4 hours.

Additional waiting time for FCL Sea Freight Shipments

The shipping line allows 8 free days from the date the container is collected from the terminal. If we do not return the container on time, you will be charges as per the shipping line tariff. It is important that you unpack containers as quickly as possible and notify us asap as the transport company may take 12 - 24 hours to pick up the empty container. Costs vary per shipping line and vary between $200-$400 per day + GST

Border processing holds and customs inspections

The Australian Border Force (Customs) may nominate to hold your any shipment for border processing. ABF (customs) will not update or inform when goods will be available. The Australian Border Force will not give us any time frame of how long goods will be held for. As a result, additional costs may occur and will be forwarded at cost to the importer/exporter.

Biosecurity / Quarantine

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry has the right to nominate to inspect your cargo randomly or due to the commodity imported/exported. As a result, additional costs may occur and will be forwarded at cost to the importer/exporter.


BMSB seasonal measures will apply to targeted goods manufactured in or shipped from target risk countries, that have been shipped between a certain period. Dates can change and information is available on the below link. Goods will require treatment and further mandatory inspection + biosecurity costs may apply. https://www.agriculture.gov.au/biosecurity-trade/import/before/brown-marmorated-stink-bugs

Can't make a payment on time

Failing to make payment on time may result in your goods incurring additional storage costs. Storage costs more than $100 per day.

Does price fluctuate?

Freight rates, exchange rates may fluctuate. Please budget accordingly for any unforeseen changes.

All pricing and quotes exclude

- GST - Government Charges - Customs Duties - GST Payable to Imported Goods. - Insurance, compensation for loss of cargo and damages. - Costs for Inspections - Additional Waiting Time for Collections and Deliveries. - Container Detention more than 8 days (if applied).