Sea Freight From India To Australia

We have great news! Australia has a free trade agreement with India. 

Since the governments decided to give the green light, we have noticed an influx of inquiries about moving freight from India to Australia.

FAQ's about shipping goods from India to Australia

What is the transit time by Sea Freight from India to Australia? 

It takes approximately 25-35 days to ship goods. Shipments from India to Australia go via a transshipment service. Containers will be offloaded in another port to be loaded on another vessel to arrive in Australia.


The sailing schedules from India can be unstable due to transshipping in another port. Plan well and allow for delays. 


We have imported the below products to Australia and New Zealand

  • Household furniture and homewares
  • Clothing 
  • Machinery 
  • Hardware products and accessories
  • Children’s Toys and Games
  • Sporting goods. 
  • Electronics

Our team of experts can assist you with the following

  1. Sea Freight Forwarding
  2. Air Freight Forwarding
  3. Customs Clearance
  4. Transport & Distribution

How will I be able to import goods duty free under the free trade agreement?

A valid certificate must be supplied with the relevant information provided as specified on the below website link;


Shipping Goods from India to Australia During Monsoon: An In-depth Guide

If you planning to ship goods from India to Australia during the monsoon season? It can be a challenging time due to severe weather conditions. Yet, with careful planning and the right precautions, you can successfully navigate this season. Here’s an in-depth guide to help you understand the intricacies of shipping during the monsoon season.



Understanding the Monsoon Season


The monsoon season in India typically extends from June to September. During this time, heavy rains and high winds can cause delays and disruptions to shipping routes. It’s essential to factor these into your shipping plan and set realistic expectations about delivery times.


Planning Ahead


One of the key aspects of shipping during monsoons is to plan ahead. Allow yourself more lead time than usual to cater for possible delays. It’s also wise to keep your customers informed about potential delays due to weather conditions, to manage their expectations appropriately.


Robust Packaging


Waterproofing your goods becomes vital during monsoon shipping. Opt for robust, waterproof packaging materials that can withstand heavy rains and high humidity. Consider double-wrapping and using sealants to further protect your goods from water damage. If shipping electronics or sensitive materials, consider using moisture barrier bags.


Choosing the Right Shipping Method


Shipping methods that are less affected by weather conditions, such as air freight, could be a better choice during the monsoon season. However, these may be more expensive than sea freight. It’s crucial to weigh the costs and benefits and choose the method that best suits your needs and budget.


Working with Reliable Freight Forwarders


Engaging a reliable freight forwarder can make a significant difference. Look for those experienced in handling shipments during the monsoon season. They can offer invaluable advice on packaging, route selection, and timing. Furthermore, they can assist in real-time tracking and offer insurance options to safeguard your goods.




Insurance is not just an option, but a necessity while shipping goods during monsoon. It provides a safety net for your goods against the potential risks of damage, loss, or delay. Be sure to understand what your policy covers and verify whether it includes damages caused by natural calamities or extreme weather conditions.




Regular communication with your freight forwarder and your recipient is crucial. Provide updates on the shipment status and any changes due to weather conditions. Transparency helps in building trust and manages your customers’ expectations.


Shipping goods from India to Australia during the monsoon season requires careful planning, strong communication, and robust packaging. By choosing the right shipping method, working with reliable freight forwarders, and securing comprehensive insurance, you can mitigate risks and ensure your goods arrive safely at their destination. Always remember, the key to successful shipping lies in anticipating challenges and being prepared for them.

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